Hi i’m Greg! I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Derbyshire, my style is a mix of elegant and natural photography shot in a journalistic way. I love photographing weddings, the excitement, the nervousness, the butterflies…and that’s just me!  I don’t consider myself a traditional wedding photographer, posed photos just don’t do it for me. Nothing can beat those natural moments, catching the look of the father of the bride when he first sees his daughter, the crazy dancing on the dance floor and the first kiss.  All beautiful moments that i love capturing because whilst we will all grow old and our memories may become hazy, photographs will always be there to remind us of the good times.

As this is the ‘about me’ section maybe i should tell you a little about who i am and what i like to do, without it sounding like the about me section of an e-harmony account!  I’ve always been crazy about music since i was 11, i spent my youth playing guitar and listening to punk rock.  I spent my summers at music festivals with my friends and loved my 32 years that i’ve been blessed with on this planet.  I have what can only be described as i crazy addiction to anything sweet.  There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a whole packed of custard creams to dunk and devour.  I have a 6 year old dalmatian called Rupert whose awesome, even when he wakes me religiously at 6am for breakfast and quite happily will take a freshly made ginger biscuit out of my mouth.

 I’ve mellowed with age and now in my 30s my life’s taken a turn and i’m following a new path which is exciting and new and i’m eager to see where i go whilst photographing more weddings in new places.  I spent a good few years lifeguarding and selling popcorn ( both excellent jobs with the best perks! Free gym membership and free films!) and i enjoyed myself.  But now is the time to be more in control of what i’m doing and for me photographing weddings is what i thrive on, being creative and capturing alota smiles, aint a bad way to spend my days.