Being still relatively new to wedding photography i still find myself nervous before i head off to spend the day photographing a momentous day in the lives of a couple who have put their faith in my to capture and document their day.  This was my 5th (of many i hope) and it had been over two months since the last one, now i take a lot of photos, mainly of my family of pets and friends and the occasional horse, i don’t feel any pressure when i do this, it’s for my enjoyment, but a wedding, there is pressure but on this day i felt i’d taken a step up, granted i saw several other wedding photographers there (the amazing venue had three weddings on that day) who each had big vast lenses and flashy flashes which cost more than my camera, but i focused on what i was there for and relaxed and started taking photographs.  It’s genuinely lovely to be present on a day that’s got a lot of love flowing, and to be able to take these photos, personally i have a lot to thank the couple for as they were the first people to book me and put their faith in me before id even shot a wedding!  I really hope they love the photos…heres a sneaky peak