I was having this site made when i went on a trip to Cleethorpes to do a combines baby bump shot and dalmatian running on beach shot so i was never able to blog it at the time.  But now the site is finished i can do it justice by showing the pictures i took on that awesome day.  Im an early riser but getting up at 3am was quite a bit earlier than i normally get up, i had decided that i was going to take some photos of the sun coming up on the beach as its something I’ve never done and i always like to do something I’ve never done, all kinda adds to the rich tapestry that is my life.  So, all packed and with a good selection of music to keep me company i set off heading to Cleethorpes.  Now i should say who i was going to photograph, well it was an instagram friend who owns two stunning dalmatians and one scotty dog, i sometimes hate technology as I’m a child of the tape player and pre mobile phone era and i miss those times, but, without that technology there wouldn’t be instagram a great app that allows you to share and see other people snap shots of their daily lives.  One of which was mel’s whose pictures i loved as i myself own a dalmatian too and she would put up the loveliest pictures of her dogs on the beach and i remember saying “oh id love to come up and take some photographs” and luckily i was asked and so a date was set and up i went.  Not forgetting the baby bump photos as her daughter was with child so i also got the chance to photograph her and her parter and baby bump which i can happily say is now a very cute little baby 🙂 right enough jabbering here are the pictures