The Roaches in the Peak District is the perfect place to photograph a couple, as I’m someone lucky enough to be in a couple i took my camera and my girl up here on sunday night as it was too beautiful a day to not go somewhere.  We left at about 6 as going any sooner would have pretty resulted in both of us being burnt, it was pretty much devoid of people when we got there except a few climbers enjoying a late evening climb.  If you want to find your inner calm this is the place to go, stunning views all around.  Im determined to photograph engaged couples here!

I feel incredibly lucky that i can jump in a car and drive for an hour and arrive at a place like this, it’s amazing.  And being able to have someone to share it with makes it all the better.

I love taking photos, it’s probably past the obsession point now.  It still amazes me that i photograph weddings, still not full time but i do believe one day i will.  You just gotta keep pushing even when you have moments of doubt, anxiety, moments when you spend hours looking at amazing wedding photographers and start to question whether I’m any good.  The downer moments do come and go but thankfully I’ve had amazing clients who’ve left me great feedback that always lifts me up.  I have to keep trying, plus i’d consider myself a hypocrite if i didn’t go for it as i work with children who i encourage daily to dream big and never give up.



Derbyshire wedding photography – Greg Jackson