My first wedding in York was a pretty successful affair, even the rain didn’t damper the good spirits and beauty of the north.   Really loved capturing the whole of Shaun and Helens day which started off with me driving towards the village of Hovingham and finding myself on the set of midsummer! Well it wasn’t the actual set but you get the picture, Shaun met me as he had a few jobs to finish in the hall and then he drove me to the centre of York to catch Helen getting ready.  Passed by some land that the army use for training, couldn’t see any soldiers or perhaps they were just really well camouflaged, passed several sheep by the side of the road.  All in all a nice relaxed start to the day.  The great thing about the locations was that they were all in ten minute walk of each other, so after capturing Helen and her family as she got ready i set off on a leisurely walk to the registry office to find Shaun, i found Shaun and found out their was a wedding still going on, no point waiting outside so we nipped to the local boozer for a swift half then headed back to wait for Helen to arrive.


She arrived in style on a rickshaw, Shaun told me that’s what he had arranged on the drive over.  I must have miss heard him as i asked who Rick Shaw was.  After the ceremony we grabbed some shots in the grounds and then the heavens opened, luckily for them their rikshaw had cover, unfortunately for me i didn’t have an umbrella (mental note next wedding take a small fold away one or maybe just one that you stick on your head).  So sticking my cameras in my bag i hot footed it to the restaurant which was a delightful spot above a shop.  We all enjoyed some lovely food before the speeches and then on to the bus to take us to the village hall, happily chugging along until we came to a steep hill.  I did think for a moment we’d have to all get off and push it up as it struggled!  We were all willing it to get up as it would have been a bit of a walk, thankfully it got us there.


Big thanks for the couple for hiring me and letting me capture their day as it unfolded.


Greg Jackson – Derbyshire wedding photographer –