I remember being a kid and going to the local photography studio to get the family portrait.  I’m sure there was a background with a fire and there was also a stool I recall, to lean on.  My parents still have them and in their own way have a charm about them (the photos not my parents).

I don’t use a studio for my family sessions, I like to do them in the park and at their homes.  So two weeks ago I found myself at the home of Kelly and Chris and their adorable children Margot and Orla.

It wasn’t long before Orla was showing me her room and pouring me imaginary tea.  I don’t have children  but have spent 5 years working with them in a primary school so I’m quite happy to have a little play 🙂  After getting some photos at home we headed to Darley Park to feed the ducks.

More family shoots please!