Yesterday i met up with a chap who designs rad t-shirts, we had a little chat and we had a little q and a


what is zombieteeth

Zombieteeth is used to express my love for a good t-shirt design , movies and art (t-shirts being the ultimate mobile art gallery)

where do u get your idea for zombie teeth?

I had dabbled in designing shirts when i was at school and when i was part of a gaming community, i have always loved a good t shirt always fascinated with band merchandise so in 2007 i decided to try a zombie themed range of shirts ,some of the working names i was trying out were Zombie weasel , Monkey Brains , Deadites and Guns but eventually settled on Zombieteeth and altho it started as a zombie theme range its slowly morphed into geeky film references and zombies which in turn i believe has made them more popular.

what are your goals of zombieteeth?

Ideally i would love to do zombieteeth as a full time career that’s the main goal , if it made me enough money to ive on id be happy , if i ended up rich and famous well that would be a bonus

what’s your favourite colour? Green… Like a bright slimey green

Which is your favourite x-men? Hmmm…i would struggle to choose one i think they come as a unit….so im gonna say my fav superhero is Batman the Adam west one tho as he was so ridiculous it was amazing

Do you have any phobias? Crabs…the sea kind …not the other kind…crabs and lobsters freak me out for some reason , make my skin crawl

If you could have someone wearing zombieteeth on the front cover of front magazine who would it be? On the front cover of front i would have to say a model called Lass she’s a beautiful redhead with loads of tattoos or Rosie Jones …if i could have any celebrity i would go for cara delevigne.

If you had to die how would you like to go? Happy sounded by loved ones…that’s cheesy i know…so a more exciting answer would be to go in a zombie apocalypse

If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one album…one meal…one woman…(or man) and what animal which and why

One album would be punk in drublic by NOFX its one of my favourite albums and bands, its been out since 1994 and it doesn’t age so i could listen to it forever, my meal would be burger and a real good home made burger no real reason other than i really really like them , the woman i would wanna be with is cara delevigne , not only is she really amazingly beautiful she’s also a bit crazy and funny and likes a laugh she can sing so i think she would be a lot of fun, animal would be a chicken..then it can lay eggs for me to have for my breakfast so im not eating just burger all the time

Thanks Paul!