I don’t very often do this style of photography, there’s a lot of fantastic boudoir photography out there that’s amazing and so well shot.  I’ve done two of these shoots before with people i know as I’m always looking to try new things, new ways to push myself and learn different ways of taking photos.  I’ve known of Robyn for a while and we arranged to do a shoot years ago which didn’t work out so it was nice to find a time and do it.  Different photographers like to photo different things, be it landscapes or live bands or animals.  For me i like to photograph people, i wanted this shoot to be low key, no flash, just natural light and what ever we could use it the room.  Im sure many people might think of these photos as sleazy, i don’t, it was a lot of fun and she told me off for making her laugh as for me i can’t beat that natural smile.



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