Whilst being a photographer i also play bass in a band, music is something I’ve always loved and something that i have always done.  Being in a band is great, playing music and having a joke is a thing that never grows old or gets old.  We happen to be pretty s*@t hot and if you want to hear and see more just go here www.alexblood.com and you’ll find out loads and see a lot of very silly videos.  I definitely made the right choice in taking my camera and rather than bring all my lenses just take one, my favourite one, the one that i probably could leave on my camera all day, its one that i could probably shoot a whole wedding on as its something else.  Add to it the VCSO warmness (it’s part of the editing process) and boom your photos are beautiful.  So heres a selection of photos i took and probably a few took by other band members as well.  We spent the morning recording in a studio that resembled an alpine lodge and then took to the road and headed to Newark to play Bus Stop Over, a festival that has live music and a lot of VW Camper vans…and i mean a lot! Id love one of those beauties, maybe one day ill be able to afford one and spend months travelling and taking photos…one day.


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