A lot of what i love about photography is that it makes you take chances, it pushes you out of your comfort zone, you can choose whether you are going to take the chance on creating something new.  I like to photograph people, i like to meet people i don’t know, being in the job i am the only new people i meet are children, and as fun as they are i can’t ask any of them to meet up for a pint and laugh.  Meeting new people is harder as you get older (from my experience) as you have to work and responsibilities and dog walking and sometimes you just need your time to do what you want or need to do, i want to meet more people, i want to photograph more people, there’s something inside me that drives me to do this, I’m pretty bad at putting my thoughts into words something that is evident in my cliche love songs i wrote when i was teenager.  But what I’m trying to say is that i think it enriches you, i don’t have that huge circle of friends i once did when i was 16, i miss that, i greatly miss my friend Darren, he had a huge amount of friends and i know that made him happy, i know my life was richer for knowing Darren, he wasn’t a friend id had since i was a teenager but someone i was introduced only a few years before he sadly died.  Im not looking for another Darren, he was a genuine one off….but i am always open to meeting new people as people make our lives better, happier, granted you are the one to make yourself happy but its always fun with others….right ramble spiralling way out of control.



Anyway, this was the first time id met Vickie, she was on the team of a Roller Derby team i saw play a few weeks ago, i went there to take some photos for a friend whose on the team.  It may seem odd to ask someone you don’t know to pose for you to take photos of them, when i think about that sentence it doesn’t really fit into my photography, I’m not a huge fan of posed photos, i love spontaneous photography.  With that in mind i messaged vickie and asked if she’d be up for some photos, just meet up with no specific plan and take some photos.  Luckily for me Vickie was a really chilled out girl and it kinda reaffirmed my own insecurities about meeting people i don’t know for the first time, I’m a pretty honest person and id honestly say that i have a shyness, its nothing bad, granted after several ciders that shyness doesn’t exist….and if i happen to be at a karaoke bar then the introvert becomes quite the extravert…as many people witnessed at one cinema staff party at the bless in Derby.  Anyway I’m rambling, we went to the abandoned burnt down old carpet factory in the centre of town when the sun was just right and had a laugh, was surprised that she was only 20!  id kill to be 20! but time travel isn’t possible and I’m in a pretty nice place here in my 30s.  Hope you enjoy the images.